Facility and Breakroom

From cleaning a spill to replacing a roll of toilet paper, at Pay-LESS Office Products we have all the supplies for your janitorial and sanitation needs.  Our offerings consist of quality products at competitive pricing.   We have bathroom supplies, cleaning equipment, cleaning products, safety equipment, hand sanitizers, soap, tissue and more!

We can also supply your breakroom with all the necessities needed to keep your office staff comfortable, happy and ready to work.  We have an extensive selection of beverages and a wide variety of food items such as cereal, breakfast bars, soups, snacks, candy and all the condiments and appliances needed for the kitchen.  

If you're looking for coffee services and supplies, we'll keep you stocked with all that pours, stirs and sprinkles.  Pay-LESS can bring you the ultimate coffee experience, featuring Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig products.  We offer a complete line of K-Cups sure to satisfy everyone in your office.

Click here to view a complete list of available K-Cups.

Check out our selection of Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions.  Even though it's packed with lots of great products for cleaning, this catalog represents just a portion of what we carry.  If you need assistance in finding what you are looking for, give us a call - we're always happy to help!